Gathering the words of my soul to pen, to paper to print~

What holds my soul to the tethering of words strung together through the voice of poetry. What gathers them to pen to paper to a voice on the page in print. This summer has been ignited by my passion to allow my words to find their way out into the world. What flows and comes […]

Branching out to Uncharted Territories

My words flow from my being like visions on paper, they beckon me to share a story speaking of life, compassion, changes and grace. I have been having amazing doors opening to me. At the same time, I reach and stretch the muscles of my writing and bring them to uncharted territories. I am so […]

Life brings me the Stepping Stones to my Calling

“what comes from nothing- is often everything, and what we think of- as everything, becomes nothing compared to- what comes ahead”~Maureen K. Meshenberg  Painting-By-Kelsie-Grazier It has been a few months since I have ventured onto my blog. I felt I was in a holding pattern, life happens and I respond to what I must take […]

Journey of my New Moon

journey of my new moon, new spring- passing through, the equinox of change, it enters my sky- sliver of light, through my darkness- the calling of April, to new life. for the power of change, remains within- enters the passage way, of my soul’s emerging- transitioning into, the light, of new beginnings- enters into the, […]

Rise with Life

Poem No 5 Rise with Life rise with life, that splits the root- as earth’s womb expands, life of seed reaching, through winter’s ground, seed that pushes through- as the yellow glow, of the sun’s coming- warms their waking. rising Christ, rising life- to what is new- what is your truth, what becomes mine- choosing, […]

Tears Like Stars

Poem 4 Tears like Stars (Lunar Eclipse April 4 Full Moon) tears like stars, that land upon my- unbalanced stepping, for what illuminates- my undertaking, of walking as if- on a tightrope balancing it all, my coming to my tiptoeing- across the universe of my completing, the lunar eclipse full moon, that shadows the light- […]

The Exodus of Returning to Me

Poem 3 The Exodus of returning to me treading upon the path, of my resurrecting- reviving the inward steps, that take me to my exodus- to a path that does not, meet from line to line- but intertwines, with the spiraling of life- of you, of me, our exodus- leaving one journey’s ending, feet treading […]

From the Breath of my Being

Poem no # 2 From the breath of my being. I want to say, from the breath- of my being, life is life- empty and full at the same time, it has shaken me, to my groundless waking- seeing with eyes, that holds my soul’s sky- with a horizon, that never ends. I want to […]

Waking Up to “Today” Again~

We can choose to use the writing prompt or write one on our own. Since these words woke me up at 2:45am I decided to share this with all of you~ Waking up to “Today” again waking up to “today” again, hear the coffee drippin- take another sip in- between the thoughts, of yesterday and […]

April National Poetry Month Tiferet Poem-a-thon~

 Poetry flows through me, it is a part of me and comes when I open my soul to its beckoning. I hold a sacred space for it to flourish, to breathe and for me to respond to the pen with writing. I received an email from Tiferet Journal about their Poem-A-Thon challenge for National Poetry Month. I submitted […]

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