Look at Who I Am

look at who I am,
life enters me-
time moves slow,
into fast-
I appear,
uneasy by-
the what ifs,
often held-
at a distance.
I am desire,
looking at life-
through the,
window of-
my soul.
look at who,
you are-
I peer into yours,
I see you-
holding your babies,
in the grocery line-
looking worn,
but owning a smile-
that can laugh,
at the clouds-
rolling in your storms.
I see you,
as I sit in-
my car in traffic,
you stare-
at the sunset,
before you-
another day drifts,
we fold into our,
movement of life-
longing for our dreams,
we pass in instance-
of time,
look at you-
seeing me,
you seeing me-
seeing you.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting by: Helena Wierzbicki

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