sometimes I feel uneasy

sometimes I feel uneasy,
and unsettling in me appears-
left without understanding,
an ache that’s demanding-
trying to fight back the tears.
but when I sit with uneasy,
as it washes over me-
I let what comes,
from deep within-
my well,
all that wants to grow-
in the wound of my heart,
it swells.
I go to it,
as I hold it-
in tender returning,
only in my surrendering-
am I able to see it,
for what it is-
what releases from,
this shift in me-
when I come upon uneasy,
I spiral in-
to unfold,
only to spiral outward,
to let it all go-
through my uneasy,
as I sink into,
the soft place-
of my soul.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg
Painting by Aricadia

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