Caught between the line

caught between the line,
beneath the sheath-
that cuts so deep,
lies that creep-
in from the past,
dividing my truth-
I was made,
by design-
emotions and senses,
not meant to conceal,
to camouflage-
by what bends,
my will-
to hiding.
I learn,
from my emotions-
that takes me,
brings my breaking,
back together again.
I sit,
with my pain-
as tears,
sweep across-
the gap,
of me.
making it-
all my own,
or if caused by another-
crashing down,
all is the point-
and yet the point,
has no meaning-
unless you are the one,
who leans,
into its receiving.
I want to love fierce,
cry hard-
laugh until I cry.
my strength is in me-
it is my grace,
and in myself-

Heart’s Calling
By: Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting by Nik Helbig

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