I will not roam that way anymore

I will not roam,
that way anymore-
I am finding,
my footing now-
not stepping backwards,
towards my past-,
towards the fear,
the doubt,
that pierces-
my longing,
I will not,
curl up-
and hide there,
feeling like I-
belong there,
resist the urge to
crawl inside its
disseminating space,
spreading across-
the landscape of,
my being.
I will not roam,
that way any more,
where the past-
rises like a story,
trying to repeat-
itself over and over.
all it holds are thoughts –
allowing them,
to torture my soul,
my sacredness.
my past is not a map,
for my soul’s journey-
I don’t roam,
that way-
I walk to the light of my soul.

Heart’s Calling
By: Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting by: Osnat Tzadok

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