place my breath upon your heart

I want to gather your pain,
hold it close to my soul-
place my breath upon,
your heart-
find your place,
to whole.
your brokenness,
your shattering-
I want to take it,
all away-
high above the wandering clouds,
let it dissipate,
creating this empty space,
let the empty space-
be filled with love,
and all the beautiful things-
that life is made of.
I’d carry you across,
your path-
I know you must,
go through-
but know there is a light,
at the other end-
waiting for you.
you are not alone,
my heart sings-
your crying song,
out of the depths of me-
it comes,
you are my breath, my life,
my birthing from inside-
my beautiful daughter,
my loving sons.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting by Henry Colchado

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