I come to silent breaking

I come to silent breaking,
when a relationship-
has been forsakened,
words left unspoken-
left to weary aching.
to lift it up,
and let it alone-
not everyone moves,
through to-
the song of their soul,
to bring compassion-
and forgiveness,
in their releasing-
what holds them frozen,
when their heart is holding-
the bitter thread,
not allowing love to cover-
what wounds they still live,
it all makes it harder.
not about right or wrong,
but coming to believing-
pass this life’s expecting,
coming to your soul’s waking.
if by chance,
our dance-
must end,
I release you to-
the winds of change,
in my heart I know-
for healing to come-
to my soul,
sometimes the best thing-
to do,
is that I must let go.

Heart’s Calling

By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting by: Tracy Bakkelokken

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