Breakthroughs, opening, deciding…

My inner well swells within me, I feel its urging me on to write, to begin, to breakthrough. As I look back and what brought me to my breakthroughs, was actually breaking.  In the Book of Runes By Ralph H Blum, the Oracle Breakthrough is the process of self-change signaling a major transformation, “a transition so radical that you are no longer able to live ordinary life in the ordinary way.”  The journey of my poetry came to exist through an earth shattering experience; broke  me wide open, but it also opened my gift of poetry.

When I decided to create my Heart’s Calling Page, it was midnight starting 2012. I was meditating and calling in my New Year Intentions, and I knew it was time to share the words that come from inside me. A voice whispered inside of me to call the page: Heart’s Calling. This page has brought my words of poetry to many, and it blesses my heart to see how my words have touched so many lives.

When moments like these come, whether it is writing a poem, creating a page, beginning a book, the call is clear, defining, and self changing. It brings you closer to living your life extraordinary, reaching into your journey and expressing it with the world.  It was never about making something more than what it is, for my ego or myself. It was always about the sharing of the words that pour from my soul. Every shattering or joyful experience, any grounding or groundless transition that came across my path, was released from my soul in words. I write every day, it is my gift and is used in ways to heal my soul and I believe to heal others. My poetry is always bringing me to my returning again and again closer to the she I am inside. Opening up my heart this way, brings me to deciding. Decisions that brings about a chain of beautiful openings, often unexpected. My coming to the choice of writing my book was a voice inside of me telling me it is time.    Now my book begins with the gathering of poems, the collection of them expressing the shifts and transitions of me. Now begins an amazing birthing, and as Anna and I reach new steps each week, it brings me closer to the gift of my words in print.

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