When Life…

When life…

When it hits hard, brings you to a halt, an aching still, I write. Deadlines to meet, bringing myself to stay committed to my critical path for my book, reaching my weekly goals.

Guess what, sometimes life happens, and they are not met. A detour, an obstacle, life comes unannounced with it bringing you to your knees. Sometimes,I have to stop to take care of the people I love. Sometimes, it is just taking care of myself, bringing myself back to me without judgement but with compassion; to wrap my arms around me in self love.

 The most amazing phenomena  that happens during a life shattering event, is I write. Where other writers experience writer’s block, I become exposed to my raw feelings, my heart lays open, my soul reveals its true turmoil. Through the words that pour through me, words of truth; healing come. When I write  not only do they come for me but they come for those realizing life’s journey is sometimes uncomfortable, uneasy, and unannounced.

Being able to convey my journey through the words in a poem brings the reality that we are all connected. We are all human with spirit inside of us, ever changing ever growing. We hurt, we all doubt we all fear and yes, we make mistakes. Being able to recognize when this happens, to bring it to our soul’s soothing, bringing it to our tears, is when healing comes.

There is never a point where everything is even, perfect, unchanging. Life is an adventure and life is challenging. Sometimes, it takes a period of time to learn and grow from life’s experiences. I have been fortunate enough to have my writing to help me through this growth. So if there is one thing I choose to offer, it is my words to touch you when life hits you hard. Yes, I have some deadlines, and critical path objectives to meet with my book. I write and it evolves. I write and see another book in the making. I write, because it is what I do, when life happens.




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