what holds me back

what holds me back,
is what I resist-
living for what is required,
instead of what inspires-
I am a wheel,
with spokes that-
branch out,
branch within-
touching the eternal,
circle of me.
it draws me to,
my own reckoning-
all that spirals out,
draws attention-
to what is,
and not giving into-
what should be.
I am me,
a catalyst between-
human and spirit,
I am the bridge –
inside of me,
flesh and bone-
spirit and light,
seeing what is within-
not what is seen,
as wrong or right-
not allowing,
what binds me-
keeping me from free,
I fly like a bird-
inside the sky of me.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting by Alice Mason

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