the solemn returning

do not indulge yourself,
in the silent haunting-
the lulling,
the pulling away-
from who you are.
what presents itself,
to take you to-
holding it all in,
crying in the silent corner-
of your world.
you do not have to hide,
open and see-
you can look at it,
and let it be-
it is nothing more,
it is nothing less-
just is.
don’t let it inflate,
your world-
making you drown,
in your own confusion.
for when understanding emerges,
is when you settle-
into peace,
the solemn returning-
to what is yours,
the silent coming-
to your own soul,
held in grace-
held in the sacred space,
of your heart.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting by Helena Wierzbicki

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