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This past week brought sweet reflection as I look back at one year ago,when  I attended a heart moving event called, Soulsationalfest in Bayville New Jersey where I was invited to recite spoken word. This weekend, July 26,  they will be having the 4th annual Sousational Fest. It will be a day of soulful music, poetry reciting and people gathering with families and friends finding the rhythm of the day touching their hearts. This all came about for me after connecting with some amazing New Jersey women, their hearts poured out to help bring relief to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, October of 2012. I met The Real New Jersey Girls through an event that they sponsored call “Walk a mile in my shoes” for Hurricane Sandy Relief in January 2013.


The Real Jersey Girls

During this sponsored event Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond called in a day of prayer on the page for their efforts for this amazing walk.  As Visionary poet of the page, I was moved from my heart to write poetry, sending encouraging words as they walked during the wake of this devastating tragedy.  During this time I also had the pleasure to meet one of the lead organizers and amazing singer The Real New Jersey Gina.  At the end of their walk, I had the honor of Gina reciting one of the poems I wrote for them. 


life without warning



Being able to contribute words from my soul, bringing ease to the wounded hearts of this tragedy brought me such tenderness and emotional connection. From there I received the invitation from The Real Jersey Girls, to recite spoken word at Sousational Fest,July of  2013. Gina opened her home and heart to me. Immediately I felt a deep connection with her. Her gift, a soulful inspiring voice that moves through the core of you, touching your heart. I met the amazing Real Jersey Girls and many others wanting to pay it forward and give from their hearts for Hurricane Sandy Relief. It is always amazing to see that whenever we have reached our lowest point, others gather around you to pull you through.


Maureen and Gina 2013


As the true heartfelt human experience appeared in the many sea of faces that I met with my eyes that summer afternoon,  I saw their beauty come through in a time where all may have felt lost. Many of them still without homes, clothes, food, I felt my words speak of hope.



Maureen reciting poetry III


I had the honor this past Wednesday, July 23  to have a radio interview with Gina on 40 Foot Hole Studio to share my reflective thoughts about my experience last year reciting spoken word for Soulsational Fest. It was such a honor and privilege to reconnect with Gina and look back at one of the many reasons I write. To touch lives when they are shattered, to use my words to bring ease, brings it all back to the true meaning of why I write.  So as the many musicians and poets, vendors, contributors help set up for another soulful event, my heart and words are with them in spirit.

Maureen ~     


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