all that comes to understanding

all that comes,
to understanding-
all that,
is misunderstood-
let us find,
its middle ground-
where our prayers,
meet and merge.
when the walls,
are built up-
instead of breaking down-
clearing the way,
to bring peace to our day-
one choice,
above the other-
one choice,
of the soul-
be still and know.
the raging,
against the ego-
the holding,
of our wills-
when the blade,
of grass bends-
to let the wind,
blow through-
let the whispers,
of redemption-
love and forgiveness,
pour through.
I now stand,
with open hands,
in the smallest of ways-
come to the side,
of my spirit-human-
reaching across,
the line,
to holding your hand-
willingly now,
coming to understand.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting by Valerie Summers

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