all that I am

all that I am,
comes from within me-
every time my thoughts,
make me crash-
I rise to my soul’s breath,
where it unleashes-
the truth of me.
the cobwebs that gather,
they scatter-
across my mind’s floor,
let my truth-
sweep them out the door.
moments that breathe,
don’t waste them,
drowning them in fear-
your tears may fall,
upon your day-
let them become,
your rain-
upon your summer’s bloom,
your sun is your light-
your heart is your day,
ready to embrace-
what comes today,
brings you to steady-
and to strength,
beyond measuring it,
through your mind’s eye-
for what holds you,
can not be uttered-
with your mind’s voice,
only from within-
your soul,
brings you to the-
wholeness you already are.
let the scars lay,
let fear crouch away-
for the she inside of you-
is here to stay.
she is not going anywhere!

Heart’s Calling

By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg © 

Painting by Jose Royo

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