Puzzle pieces are coming together

As I hung up the phone with Anna Weber , a whirlwind of exciting thoughts circled in my mind. The puzzle pieces are coming together. As we discussed our calendar plan for my book, it stirred inside of me, the utter joy of creating something from my gift. This just coming on the heels of already being published in an Anthology edited by Catherine Ghosh: Journey of The Heart: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry by Women where 7 of my poems are published.  As I organize my time amongst a myramid of projects that I am currently engaged in, all centering around my heart’s calling, I focus on putting the puzzle pieces together.

Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of giving all the pieces my undivided attention, as I manage working full-time, handling a household with 2 teen-age boys and adult daughter, currently going through a divorce, are just a few of my current life tasks now. I am currently a facilitator for a Women’s gathering in November called Dream Quest Chicago   holding a sacred space to use creative writing as inner release for women. I am also working on another project, The Bellissima Opera project where I will be facilitating writing prompts (this too will be another blog) for inner city teens in Chicago dealing with gang violence. The prose, essays, and/or poetry that the teens will write will be composed into an opera. I took a hiatus from conducting my Creative Writing Circles over the summer but that too will start up again in the Fall. Plus remaining ever dedicated to my 2 Facebook pages Heart’s Calling and Heart to Heart quotes. I am also the Visionary Poet for Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond . I also write for many other pages, blogs and Magazines associated with Facebook.  

Hearts Calling


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Summer is quickly passing by, but I take the moments that I can in this month of August to put the puzzle pieces together for Seasons of the Soul: Transitions and Shifts of Life, before the busy moments of Fall come upon me. As I see the shifts of me are continuing, I see an ending of one part of my life and yet beautiful beginnings coming to me at the same time. Coordinating with the Artist for my cover, working with an Amazing woman who is writing my Foreword (sshhh! still a secret) plus asking amazing talented people to honor my book with their praises. It never feels overwhelming though, I am thoroughly excited! I am also so excited for all of you who are with me on my journey and oh so grateful for the readers that I touch with my poetry. Let the puzzle pieces now come together, in a perfect fit to present a book hoping to touch your hearts.



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