life’s too short

life’s too short,
to hold that battle-
in your heart,
the who wins-
the who loses,
doesn’t matter anymore.
what seed of deception,
has altered your-
has drawn your soul-
from bringing,
yourself to grace now.
life’s too short,
to re-open that wound-
and watch it bleed again,
to lose your gleam-
and freedom from within-
your self esteem,
is oh so crushed-
for you to hold,
onto so much-
to let it dim,
the light of you-
bring yourself to,
the moment that-
is calling to you,
bring yourself-
to compassion,
to forgiveness some how.
what heals the wound,
is surrendering now-
what is worth,
to hold onto-
such hurt.
life’s too short,
let love bring you-
to your release now.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting By Helena Wierzbicki

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