what words are these that are released from our souls


I do not write,

because it is forced by my will- 

I write, because it is within me.

my passion,


The words are there inside me, ready to be release from my soul. More than just bringing my words to paper, I have the desire to reach women, allowing them to come to their unfettered releasing of writing from their souls to paper. Like a wind of unspoken words, breaking through to the other side of their lives.

I remember speaking to Lore Raymond from Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond 2 years ago, when I first started as Visionary Poet. I said to her, I really want to be a part of a Women’s writing group, and feel the release and inspiration of  their writing. She said to me, “you my dear have the ability to start your own creative writing group, your gift is already there!” So I did. Fall of 2012, I started my Creative Writing Circle. As it is closing upon Fall 2014, I will be starting up again after a hiatus for the summer to work on my book. My first writing circle for this year will be on Saturday, September 27,2014.

When I started my Writing Circle it was with full intent to have it be a sacred holding place for women to use writing as a tool of inner release. I design guidelines to how the flow and the movement of the circle will be. I have enjoyed profoundly the meeting of women and have delighted in what the writing prompts have brought us. Writing brings us to a place of opening, expanding and taking the thoughts of our hearts to another level. I create writing prompts that invite their senses, their emotions, their beings to write whatever is inside them. Many of the women who joined insisted that they do not write, or know how to write. It is not about technique, it is about them reaching in and finding voice to their words with writing. Many of them did not even know it was there, it was like opening a door to a locked room in their soul.   This sacred space is a space where we gather to write, to share, to meditate and find our ease through writing.We share our joys, sorrows, fears and bravery through writing, bringing out the women we already are. 

Circle of Women Molly Roberts

painting by Molly Roberts

I now have been invited to facilitate a writing circle for a Women’s gathering  in November called: Dream Quest Chicago . The Theme is Dreaming the Earth.

Dream Quest Chicago       

I take this opportunity to bring forth writing prompts about Dreaming Earth as a means for women to go deep inside their souls, to find the words to write about our Mother Earth. This will be a time to call upon their senses evoking their inner-most thoughts about what our Planet means to them. This is an amazing opportunity as I see many of them arise for me to be used as a instrument to reach others to find their inner holding of words, waiting to be released.

I am more than just a writer, more than a poet, I am a vessel to be used to inspire women to tap into their natural ability to bring their inner most desires, passions, and musings to the pen. With this release, it brings peace, and with peace we find the grace to live with who we are right now and with every new day.  

I feel the consciousness of your words,

cling to my hearts-

as mine reach out,

to cling to yours.

we who all belong together,

to the beauty & wisdom of Light.


Heart’s Calling






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