The Trees they speak of their season


The trees they speak,

with voices of their season-

breathing out their colors,

silently retreating,

to winter’s rest,

beckoned to blossoming-

holding the sun upon their birthing,

with full brilliance-

upon raptures of green.

It is with great pride and joy to introduce to you the artist who is creating the trees that speak of their season, my son, Dylan James Meshenberg. These trees will be dividing the seasons in my book. As the tree is to root and root is to earth, I identify with the growth and beauty of what the tree beholds in each season. Dylan Meshenberg, a rising talent will be gracing my pages with his intricate detailed beauty of the seasons with a single tree for each season.

I gladly share with you Autumn’s tree since this is the season that is upon us, while the trees still hold brilliance and bloom of color, only to fall, releasing to the awaiting cold earth. As I sit this morning looking at the beauty of this season, I hold the trees in splendor and think of the harvest of my life and how blessed I am.


Autumn Tree Dylan Meshenberg 1

By Dylan Meshenberg


Dylan Meshenberg’s passion and desire for art has always been apart of his life, even at an  early age. Now 18, he has developed quite a portfolio with a different range of styles and mediums. He has his own Facebook page called :Toxic Art   His talent has developed over the years showing amazing skills and developing his own styles. He is taking a year off after High School but plans on attending Columbia College Fall 2015 to study graphic design.

When I approached Dylan to create the trees for my book, he immediately began working on ideas, outlining them to me in great detail, but I need to keep some element of surprise of what he will be creating for the other trees. It is with great honor that I have family a part of my book and poetry journey, to have their creativity spark the pages of my book with their artistic wonder.

Dylan only 18

Dylan Meshenberg

As everything is now coming together. Galley copies being prepared, getting ready for the birthing of my book. It is truly exciting and I am so fortunate to have my son, my talented artist, a part of this great passion and dream of mine. The book is now ready!





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