Awaiting the Birth of My Book

“A dance of words breathe,

through my soul-

they write the truth,

of my heart-

gathering as they do,

to release love and light,

to me, to you.”

I now am ready, preparing for the birthing of my book, Seasons of the Soul: Transitions and Shifts of Life.  Soon, many of you will be reading the dance of my words, allowing them to breathe into your hearts, for me this is truly an unspeakable joy. My Galley copy is complete, seeing my poems in pre-book form is surreal. I look at how I have been blessed with the gift of words to write. Words that reach into my soul and reach out to touch yours.  My front cover for my book is complete. My nephew and artist Josiah Neniskis not only created the amazing art piece, but designed the front cover as well. The tender beauty she holds, it’s as if she is me, sitting amongst nature in awe and in complete wonder. I hold my hands to my lips, letting the beauty of the seasons enfold me, as I let the words of my heart bring the shifts of me, of you, all of life experiences through my poetry.

I am blessed by the beautiful souls who have offered to write advance praises for my book, and to a very special one, who is still yet a surprise to write the foreword for my book. I am busily sending the Galley copies out, working with a local friend who is a free-lance journalist, who will interview me and write a piece on my book.  Anna Weber has been amazing! I am so fortunate to have her as my literary strategist and publicist. We are coming to the place of pre-launching the book, spreading the word of it’s upcoming birthing to print. This excites my soul, as I see the true desire of my heart come to reality. 

The best advise I can give to those whose heart is asking them to fulfill a calling, a dream, a desire; to bring your loving imprint on this earth, do not hesitate. Come to it and embrace it with loving arms, even passed any ache or trials you may experience along the way. Do not let any thoughts sabotage the true essence of who you are and what you may have to offer this world. We only but embrace this life but once. I persevered with love and dedication to make this dream come true. Its reality now is coming to me as the releasing of me out into the world.

What started as me writing tender words of my life experiences on my Facebook time line, unfolded to starting the page Heart’s Calling  to meeting so many like-minded souls, all of us on our journey’s path. Now I come to releasing my book on November 7.

I thank all my readers who have been with me on this amazing journey. For me this is only the beginning.

 Maureen ~







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