love the world

love the world,
hold it to your soul-
even when its darkness,
trembles you so-
your heart aches,
with the pain-
it quivers with.
yet the stillness,
of her beauty-
holds your heart,
to knowing-
as all that,
and breaks,
and rises,
even in the crying song-
of life,
there is music-
even in the poem,
that brings tears-
streaming down your soul,
you laugh-
with each step,
that brings you to-
the next.
for with them comes,
those moments,
and glimpses-
of love,
and unearthing waking-
and taking,
life as it enters you-
as is,
making no promises-
but promising yourself,
I will rise and-
dream my passion,
release my desire-
like a bird,
in my mind’s sky.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting By Paul Bond

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