Live your Life

live your life,
in its holding-
don’t hold back,
come to its unfolding,
what causes the flame,
to dim as it comes-
to the winds of change,
but it’s your fire-
that burns evermore,
within your breath and living.
it’s in the moments-
where you find purpose,
the way you hold it,
in your hands,
in your mind-
in your heart,
happiness is not the-
things you have,
things you do-
but what is birthed,
inside of you.
it transcends this world,
spirit of you that-
bursts through the veil,
with light and love,
pass the wake-
of anything that,
tries to take-
life from you.
so love deeply,
live completely-
rise and breathe,
every new day seeking-
there is always,
glimpses of being-
in beauty and wonderment.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Painting By Vi Irina Sztukowski

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