I hold the Breath of the November moon

I hold the breath,
of your November chill-
your silent still-
beaming upon,
my dark way-
you hold the sky,
to the light-
of life being,
I return with hands-
open and holding,
what needs to be lifted-
what I give,
to let fall away and be.
in your gentle returning,
oh full moon you rest-
upon sky that,
reflects water,
that flows,
that heals-
and reveals,
my constant longing.
in the stillness,
of the trees-
I hear you whisper,
for me to-
open my glow,
to let it show-
who I am,
my strength-
my vulnerable being-
in seeing what,
my power truly is.
I return to dance,
on earth-
on sky,
on moonlight,
that breathes in the night-
as I breathe,
you in-
my November full moon within.

Heart’s Calling
By Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Cindy Belseth

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