my autumn is falling from me now

my autumn is falling,
from me now-
leaves to let go,
from my soul-
to sky,
to wind,
to earth.
the wind whispers-
a cold song,
wanting all that-
once belonged,
to find its flight-
its breeze song,
its release song,
its melancholy-
finding it moving,
through the still-
of me and my dropping
it all down.
I am human to heart,
soul to spirit-
I rest on my changes,
as they delicately take
me as I am,
who I will be-
all of coming,
my autumn is falling,
from my soul-
bringing me to settle-
in the home of my heart.

Heart’s Calling
Author~ Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist ~Shakhenabat Kasana

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