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My time has come, I come to….womb to birth, heart to love, soul to light, mind to wisdom. The morning of the launch was a whirlwind of posts, congratulations, praises and exhilaration! My time has come, the vision of my words coming to print burst into life. I was ecstatic to see the response of everyone on facebook, but what truly came as an unbelievable surprise, was how quickly I rose to #2 in Hot new releases in Nature Poetry and # 3 in the same Category. Blue Horses by Mary Oliver was (is) number 1, a book I have on my birthday list and one of my favorite poets. I was in awe and it all felt so surreal.

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I hold that day as such a memorable and beautiful moment filling my heart with such joy and gratitude for the support and honoring for me. My heart is so full with anticipation, as I continue to write and know that other books will soon be on their way! I am grateful to so many who came and posted wonderful posts and advance praises. I give a special thanks to Catherine Ghosh for the wonderful trailers she created and the promotion of my book on Women’s Spiritual Poetry and for writing my foreword for my book, I appreciate her support so much.

The day following my launch I had 3 of my poems submitted to the ARTCOLAB Grenada Project. Andrea Smith founder of the project shared with me, “we had a packed house Maureen I was so pleased, people came from far to see the exhibit and production, I am happy to say your poem was performed by 18 year old Jemilla Francis, and 3 of your poems were displayed.   I put your poem with a selection of mother earth painting as well.” Andrea said she will soon get some more pictures regarding the event, and hopefully a video of the performance. She also told me there will be a write up of my poetry.

I now have a whirlwind of a weekend ahead of me. I will be facilitating a sacred writing circle for Dream Quest Chicago

photo by Alberto VilloldoWe will be Dreaming the Earth, I plan on using earth- honor prompts and honoring all the women who gather in my circle. It is like a spiritual pajama party so I will be up most of the night until Saturday morning. I will come home, rest for a while and then on Saturday evening I will be reciting at another Charity event for the Bellissima Opera project. This all brings me great joy using my gift to share and offer it the world, for others to read, hear and experience. This is my time, and it’s just beginning!

Maureen ~

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