I am Brilliant ~ Happy New Year 2015!

More than life, our minds open and close doors to our way of living. What if we allowed the sharp edges of criticism and blame to soften. What if we could blend into stillness long enough to allow the openness of our souls to free us from harsh thinking. All that is constructed, with critical and examining thought, will not reside with us when we finally leave this plain. What our hearts hold, brings us to touching compassion and love, brings us to our true selves if we allow it. My wish is, as we transition day to day whether through one year to the next, whether 2014 to 2015, that we hold ourselves in gentleness. Not let the scars of our sharp edges bleed, let healing come when we believe we are good enough right now. Choices that do not knock us down but cause us to rise with vision, joy; holding our world in tenderness, but mostly ourselves. Oh how we need to be more tender to ourselves. I wrote this poem on New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2013. May it hold peace and light unto our souls.

I am brilliant,
and vibrant-
ready to spark,
no holding back-
facing my dark,
I am more than,
a whisper in the wind-
I lift my voice,
passed my mountain-
illuminating within,
the dim.
I give myself,
to be surprised,
the gift of-
stepping forward,
living alive-
too many times,
the moments-
have passed,
my world comes to-
calling me,
I will not let it pass.
I am my dance,
listen to my drum-
I rise to my music,
I am the poem,
let me ignite-
the world,
with the fire of me-
book now unfolding-
words now released.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©

Heart’s Calling
Artist Anita Burnaz
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