our twilight rises within us

loosen the things,
that hang on to us so tightly-
the richness of our beings,
does not come-
from our outer living,
what is held within-
creates the space,
we choose to dwell in.
let the broken pieces,
drift away that try-
to remain,
it is time for their release-
like rising smoke from inside us.
what if we could see,
all of our beings drifting-
past, present and future,
without resentment or criticism,
regret or fear-
coming to our middle way,
of living.
as it comes,
choosing more than doing-
allowing all of me to,
blend into the love-
that holds us.
what brings us out,
of the darkest depths-
to our twilight,
as it comes-
constant and sure,
same as that what holds-
the breath of night,
without hesitation-
it holds us now,
despite our own undoing.
it rises with the rising light-
within us,
to our new beginnings.

Happy 2015!~
Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Freydoon Rassoulli
Heart’s Calling

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Seasons of the Soul: Transitions and Shifts of Life~
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