What will I bring to 2015~ My Publishing Journey~


“what brings us out,

of the darkest depths-

to our twilight,

as it comes-

constant and sure,

same as that what holds-

the breath of night,

without hesitation-

it holds us now,

despite our own undoing.

it rises with the rising light-

within us,

to our new beginnings.”

come to our twilight


I called into the New Year, with my breath, my song, my intentions, my dance. I created a space of opening and loosening the pieces that held on so tightly that do not serve my vision, my quest, my purpose for life. I have released them to the smoke that rise from my burning bowl and from my heart. I hold to the promise of 2015 that it is I who will choose to deliver my vision;through the grace and the gift of Spirit within me. I lay at the altar of my intentions, to be used as a vessel, to bring to the world my releasing words of relief. I saged away the old, the dead, the extraneous and called in the rich flow of opening, opportunity, and beginning. For that which brought me to my calling in the eve before the New year, called in my vision, purpose and journey. I embark on the transitions that bring me to new endeavors as I seek to bring not only my words again to print, but to reach out and create a sacred space, a place where the written and spoken word will bring a releasing of the heart for people; will bring your souls to flight.

My vision for 2015 will bring opportunities I never imagined, and without hesitation, or doubt, they will come because they are called from my soul to come. I will embark on my path, that will open so many new doors of light that will guide me to give unto those who will receive me, the gifts that have been given to me. Words of healing like medicine to wounds, I will be open to become the vessel I was always meant to be.

Though my path has often split, broke off, became groundless, I  came back to my returning; to the call of the she I was meant to be. So as I take these new steps, I will be honored for you to join me. In the days to come many new beginnings will be set in motion. I enter into them boldly. I will as always keep you posted of what new and exciting things await me on my journey.

Here’s to New Beginnings 2015!

Love and Light,


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