Poetry is the art of my soul My Publishing Journey

Poetry is the Art of my soul…from it comes the breath of words that flow from my heart.

My greatest joy is seeing the gift that the Divine has given me, touch other’s lives as I have now seen my words that are in print reach the world. I have had readers as far as Australia and readers right here in the Chicago land area tell me of their joy in purchasing my book. On Saturday January 24th I am joyfully celebrating the launch of my book  (which was on November 7, 2014), Seasons of the Soul:Transitions and Shifts of Life . Many of my friends and family will be joining me in my home for the celebration. There will be wonderful appetizers and wine; I also will be reciting poetry and hosting a booking signing. Many new friends that I have met on Facebook who live in the area are coming as well. I could not have a celebration without including my readers and Facebook family so I am hosting a week long Event from January 18-January 25th with announcements, raffles, games and prizes! The Event can be found at Book Launch Party Week long celebration!  

Book Launch Party


Artist Book Give away

I am also celebrating the launch of the Artist Edition of my book, available here on my website, Artist Edition of Seasons of the Soul where the artwork of the seasonal trees created by my son Dylan Meshenberg will be displayed beautifully in color. I am also hosting a raffle give-away of the Artist Edition. If you have purchased my book and already have written a review, you will automatically be entered.  If you purchased my book please go here  Write a review on Amazon, please write a review and be sure to share in the comment section under the raffle meme on my event page when you have. I will announce the 2 winners on Sunday January 25th! My publishing journey is evolving and as I go through the changes in my life, I in great appreciation and gratitude recognize all those who have purchased my book and supported me through my journey. Pictures soon will follow after my house party! Thank you for joining me on my soul path with my poetry.




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