January leaves its beginning light

January leaves its beginning light,
to expand across time-
movement by movement,
time is divided that way-
we can see it collide,
with our lives-
February returns,
with its love that burns-
through the winter ice,
that cracks open-
all that was released,
on New Year’s Day-
when time allows it to be,
released again and again.
though days and marking points-
expand and disappear,
from our mind’s eye-
from the silence of our dreams,
they hold the years-
that explode into the,
promise of love.
love that holds the seconds,
that create the pause of forever-
it sets with the sun that touches,
the night with life,
even if billions of years old-
in dying, their gleam still shines,
for dying is but a breath,
entering into new air.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Amanda Clark
Heart’s Calling


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