Standing on the edge of new beginnings, my publishing journey


“but let me not,

hold back-

what is poised and ready,

to bring me to the brightness

of who I am,

to the edge of my beginnings…

I step into February with the remnants of January’s beginnings flowing to the edge of me. The pause of breath that is forever, but what imprint will I leave in this world; for when I leave the breath of this world, I will move into the next. But while I breath, live and write in this world, I am looking deeply into my writing journey, seeing it come full circle. For the passion of my writing has always been to bring the words that are etched in my soul, my poetry of life merging with yours. I feel that life brings us to the precipice of change, we hold it, often fear it, but if we allow ourselves to pause with it and watch what beauty can unfold from it, it can take us to our comfort and compassionate place. I come back full circle for I write to honor life and all of us who live it.

My book Seasons of the Soul: Transitions and Shifts of Life was recently accepted by SIBYL Magazine , For the Spirit and Soul of Women, into their Publications library for viewing and purchasing. This is a place where women from all over the world  can view my book of poetry. I am truly honored and filled with gratitude that this is yet another means for my poetry to reach the hearts of women.

Though this is an amazing honoring, I am most honored by the thread of words from women that write to me on my Heart’s Calling page,when I bring comfort and meaning to their lives, it truly touches my soul.  I share this post with you as it has touched me so deeply:

I always enjoy reading your sweet words . I admire how you write the way we as women really feel . You touch on subjects that society tells us to ignore or do not discuss ,even perhaps possibly feeling ashamed for having these feelings. When your words are read it lets us know were not alone in our thoughts and feelings . You open our wounds and at the same time , your precious words heal them ! Thank You for not being afraid to share your thoughts and inner most feelings with so many . You share your Gift of Words may you always be blessed with this ability to write!” – Kandy Anders

My life statement and calling is evolving, I feel that I standing on the edge of new beginnings. I embrace my calling with passion and when I rise in the morning feel it rise with me. I will continue to invite you to read my poetry with gratitude from my heart, and about my journey here on my blog, as I see new beginnings coming for me in 2015.

“full radiant waking-

love is my opening,

time to enter through-

the passion of my living,

is inside of me.”


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