the door that is closed,
is me-
I seal the way,
to path,
to choice,
to living,
closed in my own sheltering-
it prevents me,
from entering-
through to the other side,
of me.

I am the void,
that speaks of unspeakable doom-
fear that is like,
a weight to my feet-
unable to move,
I release it to-
my soul’s choice,
feet reach high-
to jump across,
my uncertain sky-
leaping into my movement.

I am my doubt,
I create this space-
in my mind,
trying to figure it all out-
let the lessons come,
let the living come,
to serve the best of me-
if I step,
out of my way-
to find the one,
who is always here-
waiting for me to choose…
to live,
to dance,
to breathe.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Nik Helbig

Heart’s Calling

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