April National Poetry Month Tiferet Poem-a-thon~

 Poetry flows through me, it is a part of me and comes when I open my soul to its beckoning. I hold a sacred space for it to flourish, to breathe and for me to respond to the pen with writing.

I received an email from Tiferet Journal about their Poem-A-Thon challenge for National Poetry Month. I submitted 3 of my favorite poems and brief bio and received the response that I have been accepted to take the challenge.

Me writing


It brings me great joy to be a part of the  Tiferet April 2015 Poemathon Challenge. Words that come to me, bringing me to my written expression has been the greatest joy in my life. So taking this challenge is stretching the muscles of my passion and bringing it to its opening. Words that ignite inside me has often woken me up in the middle of the night,  come to me while taking a shower and often driving, (well I have to pull over when that happens) to write them down.

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I love that I can support the art of poetry and see its creativity being unleashed, not only by me but poets everywhere. So as I face this amazing challenge, I ask for you my lovely readers to join me through the month of April on a special page on facebook:

Maureen’s poems on Tiferet Poemathon page.

Also a special page where you can sponsor me on the Tiferet website:

sponsor Maureen’s poems on Tiferet Poemathon Website page.


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 I have committed to raising at least $100.00 for this passionate cause and ask that you support me as I write a poem a day! I hope my words bring delight to your heart and soul as I take on this month journey of writing. My ever breathing love of my life, is writing poetry. Please join me~


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