Waking Up to “Today” Again~

We can choose to use the writing prompt or write one on our own. Since these words woke me up at 2:45am I decided to share this with all of you~

Waking up to “Today” again

waking up to “today” again,
hear the coffee drippin-
take another sip in-
between the thoughts,
of yesterday and now-
comfort in my prayer shawl,
wrapped around-
my rising body,
clothed in sleepy and breathing-
waiting for it to hit me,
is “today” just another day?
one time I jumped out of bed,
when the Happy song by Pharrell Williams-
rose out of my clock radio,
like an explosion of fun-
I jumped to my feet,
singing and started to dance,
my dog jumped up to glance-
seeing her reaction at me,
as excited and perplexed-
at the same time.
waking up to “today” again,
sometimes I wake up with dread-
please place my pillow over my head,
wanting “today” to disappear,
into a melting stream of orange and red
into black over night,
holding the aching of my breath.
but wait…I’m alive!
how do I find my drive,
my passion-
my looking at life,
as the glass half full-
along with all the other expressions,
that calls to me and say-
it’s more than just,
waking up to “today” again.
so I fold inward,
to reach outward-
I see with what I can hear,
I listen with eyes wide open-
and not with what I see,
but internally-
my sacred way,
calls to me-
reaches in,
and pulls today from me-
new as the rose to bloom,
am empty room-
flooded with light,
of newness-
that rests on my life unfolding.
waking up to “today” again,
is more than a blessing-
it’s a moment,
time splits open my life-
to me,
I can live and breathe-
yes, another “today” again.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
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