From the Breath of my Being

Poem no # 2

From the breath of my being.

I want to say,
from the breath-
of my being,
life is life-
empty and full at the same time,
it has shaken me,
to my groundless waking-
seeing with eyes,
that holds my soul’s sky-
with a horizon,
that never ends.

I want to say,
it will be okay-
but life comes,
from behind us-
and surprises us,
sometimes taking –
our breath from us,
but we live our lives anyway.

I want to say,
we if we chose-
can hold this fragile existence,
with open hearts-
and hands that touch,
our cloudless skies-
that cradles the warmth,
of the sun-
even when we feel darkness,
looming over our pain.

I want to say,
we will love again-
and again, and again and again,
despite what others say-
you are beautiful,
full of dreams-
that scream,
I am real,
I am loved-
I am held,
in the sacredness of my being.

I want to say,
I am not measured-
by what others say,
or by books of knowledge-
tagged with degrees,
but with the wisdom-
released through the ancient stories,
our stories of being-
of living.

I want to say,
I love who I am today-
it is me,
that I want to be-
my poetry releasing.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Amanda Clark Nanno
Heart’s Calling

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