The Exodus of Returning to Me

Poem 3
The Exodus of returning to me

treading upon the path,
of my resurrecting-
reviving the inward steps,
that take me to my exodus-
to a path that does not,
meet from line to line-
but intertwines,
with the spiraling of life-
of you, of me,
our exodus-
leaving one journey’s ending,
feet treading beginnings.
what is left behind,
still lingers-
in the breath of my memories,
in what I create to be free-
what I let go of,
and often still hold onto to-
to begin my exodus,
I can not rehearse the steps-
they a are blank,
crossing a void-
feet treading air,
many have been here before-
what is sacrificed?
death of life,
dying to oneself-
coming to my living,
the exodus of my returning to me-
to the path that,
belongs to me-
your path
intertwining with mine,
we hold each other-
up at times,
voices that rise-
in the song of our exodus,
we touch the tear stained trails-
of those who have exodus,
on before us-
we who journey through this life,
that belongs to all of us.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Nik Helbig
Heart’s Calling
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