Tears Like Stars

Poem 4

Tears like Stars
(Lunar Eclipse April 4 Full Moon)

tears like stars,
that land upon my-
unbalanced stepping,
for what illuminates-
my undertaking,
of walking as if-
on a tightrope balancing it all,
my coming to my tiptoeing-
across the universe of my completing,
the lunar eclipse full moon,
that shadows the light-
what brings breath,
to my darkness and light-
what is taken from me,
what ends,
and bends,
and breaks through-
what debris is swept away,
from my soul-
as I let go,
calling in the night song-
to hold me as I,
look at me,
look at you,
look at how life-
touches dark and light,
at the same time-
and the full moon holds,
the dark with crying pain-
that splits the sky,
without reason-
because I held it,
for so long-
but what makes me strong,
is to let the tears-
like stars,
evaporate into the night-
swallowed by the darkness,
now capturing-
all that was,
making the promise of new-
to come to me,
yes holding my restless tears in my hands-
to April’s full moon sky.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Amanda Clark
Heart’s Calling

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