Rise with Life

Poem No 5

Rise with Life

rise with life,
that splits the root-
as earth’s womb expands,
life of seed reaching,
through winter’s ground,
seed that pushes through-
as the yellow glow,
of the sun’s coming-
warms their waking.
rising Christ,
rising life-
to what is new-
what is your truth,
what becomes mine-
rise with creation,
what vibrates and thrives-
what is alive,
the heron touches earth-
by the willow’s pond,
but breaks through air-
wings touching the,
breath of spring.
I sing.
like a chorus,
of a thousand angels-
like one,
like my soul hold the songs-
of the voices who have sung
I rise to dying,
in my ending-
into the atmosphere,
into the galaxy of life,
birthing into forever.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Nik Helbig

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