Journey of my New Moon

journey of my new moon,
new spring-
passing through,
the equinox of change,
it enters my sky-
sliver of light,
through my darkness-
the calling of April,
to new life.
for the power of change,
remains within-
enters the passage way,
of my soul’s emerging-
transitioning into,
the light,
of new beginnings-
enters into the,
strength of me.
my intentions,
flying high,
across my-
new moon sky.
the ways of old,
remains sitting-
in winters last hold,
the cold no longer-
takes me,
rising now-
with the new moon,
calling me-
my warm brilliant light,
transforms me to-
let go of,
winter’s last embrace.
new moon rises,
in my new spring sky-
brings my truest intentions,
into sight.

Author Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg ©
Artist Amanda Clark

Heart’s Calling

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