Life brings me the Stepping Stones to my Calling

“what comes from nothing-

is often everything,

and what we think of-

as everything,

becomes nothing compared to-

what comes ahead”~Maureen K. Meshenberg 

Painting By Kelsie GrazierPainting-By-Kelsie-Grazier

It has been a few months since I have ventured onto my blog. I felt I was in a holding pattern, life happens and I respond to what I must take care of, placing my vision on hold. I divide myself out from who I am, and I get to the matter of things, taking care of family and the eminent divorce ahead. I feel like I have been hoovering like a small aircraft over my landing field so to speak. This does not mean I do not write. Poetry is my breath, the words find me, spill from me, call me to my releasing of them. Lately I have been calling in “protection” with its very wide meaning, it can mean plenty of things. However for me, I have from the very beginning of this whole hot mess of a divorce I have felt protected. That even when doors have closed, or bridges vanish before me, life still brings me stepping stones to continue my writing journey.

The newest and most delightful announcement is from Catherine Ghosh,  Women’s Spiritual Poetry. I have been invited to have 7 more of my poems published in the second volume, plus I was invited to write one of the Introductions for a chapter in the book:

Where Journeys Meet: The Voices of Women’s Poetry  

Where Journeys Meet

Having this stepping stone come to me just out of pure recognition for my voice as a poet, has brought true joy to my heart. So many amazing women who are on this project have contributed their efforts through their poetry, art, and publishing to make this project happen. This book will be released this summer of 2015.

What brings me to my next stepping stone and true vision of my heart, is being invited to spend Summer Solstice weekend in Ripley Maine right outside of Bangor to host a writing circle by my friend Diane Piette and her friend Kevin Tremblay. This is literally 2 weeks from today.  I am delighted to use my vision of using writing prompts as an inner release from the soul to paper. On Kevin’s farm, Diane and Kevin built the most beautiful Labyrinth that we will walk the eve of Summer Solstice. I am so excited for this gathering and to have the opportunity to use my gift. Many pictures and a post about the trip will soon follow.

Maine labyrinth

   As always I am still very delighted to write on my Heart’s Calling Page and as Guest Contributor to Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond.

As always, you can find my newly released Poetry Book here: Seasons of the Soul

Maureen promol

I continue to journal, and write as it flows from my soul. I am ever so grateful for the beautiful stepping stones that appear on my path.


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