Branching out to Uncharted Territories

My words flow from my being like visions on paper, they beckon me to share a story speaking of life, compassion, changes and grace. I have been having amazing doors opening to me. At the same time, I reach and stretch the muscles of my writing and bring them to uncharted territories.

I am so honored to have my first publication The Tattooed Buddha with my article When a Shift in Life comes as a Final Ending. My first gut instinct was to submit poetry, but at this time they were not accepting submissions of poetry. The editor invited me to write a piece. I have written in this form before, here on my blog and in my first book: Seasons of the Soul:Transitions and Shifts in Life. This brought me to a place to stretch my muscles and believe that my writing can enter into new way of telling my story. I was delighted and scared at the same time. Thoughts stirred in my chattering mind, “what if they don’t like it, what if it doesn’t flow right?” As I clicked the send button to the editor, I received a response that they would be very please to publish my article.

This piece is very tender and raw to my heart as I am still in the uncharted territories of divorce. I have written about this topic of change several times in my poetry and one poem that was published with Journey of the Heart Blog Women’s Spiritual Poetry:The Final Ending speaks very tenderly to me.

the final ending

Also, to be released July 31, 2015 is the 2nd Anthology through Women’s Spiritual Poetry where I had the opportunity to write one of the chapter introductions for Where Journeys Meet: The Voices of Women’s Poetry. This brought another opportunity to dive deep within my being to release words to flow out in a unique way on the page.

Where Journeys Meet

I am also excited that one of my poems from the Tiferet Journal Poem-Athon Challenge will be published in their Summer edition.

tiferet logo jpg (1)

As I stretch my writing to reach new and different beginnings, I am blessed knowing that I am doing what I love and called to do. To reach others with my words and bring healing and light to those I share my words with. I am truly honored by all who follow my page Heart’s Calling . I will continue to move through my journey of writing and sharing my story, what is imprinted in my heart is released to paper, released unto all of you, in which I am truly grateful.


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