Gathering the words of my soul to pen, to paper to print~

What holds my soul to the tethering of words strung together through the voice of poetry. What gathers them to pen to paper to a voice on the page in print. This summer has been ignited by my passion to allow my words to find their way out into the world. What flows and comes to a beautiful releasing, brings me great excitement and joy; having my words printed in 2 Anthologies July and August of 2015.

Released on July 31, 2015 the Blue Moon was an Anthology so dear to my heart. through the efforts of Catherine Ghosh fromWomen’s Spiritual Poetry our second Anthology was birthed,Where Journeys Meet:The Voice of Women’s Poetry. Invited to be a part of this project along side over 80 other talented poetesses, to have our words touch the edges of the world brought so much joy to my heart. I have 7 of my poems throughout the chapters and had the honor to write the introduction for Chapter 13: Sisterhood. All the proceeds from this book project will go entirely to support the Nonprofit Organization called Write Girl

Journeys 3   

The second Anthology that I had the honor of being published, came out of the Poem-Athon adventure with Tiferet Journal. April 2015 I participated with a challenge to write a poem a day for National Poetry Month with prompts given by Tiferet Journal editor Donna Baier Stein. I met so many phenomenal poets and out of this project came the book:  30 Poems in 30 Days where I have 10 of my poems published.

30poems collage

Reciting poetry at Unity Coffee House

This Friday, August 28th, I will be reciting poetry from both of these Anthologies with great honoring and joy. To be able to share my words from books that are read throughout the world, I feel my heart’s calling is reaching so many. So when I step up to the mic, I will with a resounding in my soul brings these words to the ears that will listen, be touched and feel inspired, this is my greatest desire and hope. Thank you Catherine Ghosh for allowing me to participate in your Book project. Thank you Kimberly Burnham, for gathering our poems and birthing our creative poems written in April’s poem-athon and birthed it into a book.

With love & gratitude,



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