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sometimes… the door that is closed, is me- I seal the way, to path, to choice, to living, closed in my own sheltering- it prevents me, from entering- through to the other side, of me. sometimes… I am the void, that speaks of unspeakable doom- fear that is like, a weight to my feet- unable […]

treading upon the path of injury

treading upon the path, of injury- as we often do, disarmed by my falling- my will crushed, beneath me- but still I rise, the will of my soul- holding its way, as a lifting- a healing, to the steps I now take- making them my own now, what wounds have come, begin to close- with […]

Let love be my armor

What comes to fruition, comes from a clear and open mind. Not making anything right or wrong but coming to it all with compassion. Setting boundaries often bring you to your best possibilities. I am in a place of taking time to hold what is true and dear to my heart; my well being and […]

When I Dance

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago in the honor to rise up and dance to stop violence against women. Women will be rising up today and dancing for our sisters all over the globe…tonight I will rise and dance with a group of women on this day honoring my sisters around the […]

the looking glass

if the looking glass, I look through- is painted with fears, clouded with misgivings- stained with my tears. if I look through, the looking glass- who do I see, do I cringe and hide- curl up inside, the cracks of it- seep into my scars. a voice says, step through the- looking glass, into your […]

a thousand stars like dreams under the Snow Moon sky

a thousand stars, like dreams- they split the dark, and light our way- with glorious passion rising, we come with spectacular desire- we lift our hearts of fire, to the Snow Moon- seeing its stillness, against the cold black- but let us not, hold back- what is poised and ready, to bring us to the […]

January leaves its beginning light

January leaves its beginning light, to expand across time- movement by movement, time is divided that way- we can see it collide, with our lives- February returns, with its love that burns- through the winter ice, that cracks open- all that was released, on New Year’s Day- when time allows it to be, released again […]

in the loneliness of my resolve

in the loneliness, of my resolve- thoughts that stir, the complicated- that swells within, my mind’s ache. to wait for reasons, to avoid them- to run… I sense when they, want to push me down- in my resistance, I lean towards answers- though they may never come. let them not come, let the groundless sensation- […]

New Moon in January Sliver of Light

fall beneath my sky, where the breath of night- swoons the moon, gently into sight. the cold still, melts in- your presence, as I whisper- my longing, all beholding- what lays, exposed- in my heart. darkness will not, betray you- sliver of light, return to your- winter night, I hold this time- to my soul, […]

let me rest awhile

let me rest awhile, in the spaciousness that I am- take the moments of time, gently into my breath- take the pieces it offers, with pleasant ease, what comes as my moments, allow them to trickle in- like rain drops, that sooth my heart- let the warm sky of my soul, touch blue piercing with […]

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