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Gathering the words of my soul to pen, to paper to print~

What holds my soul to the tethering of words strung together through the voice of poetry. What gathers them to pen to paper to a voice on the page in print. This summer has been ignited by my passion to allow my words to find their way out into the world. What flows and comes […]

Branching out to Uncharted Territories

My words flow from my being like visions on paper, they beckon me to share a story speaking of life, compassion, changes and grace. I have been having amazing doors opening to me. At the same time, I reach and stretch the muscles of my writing and bring them to uncharted territories. I am so […]

Life brings me the Stepping Stones to my Calling

“what comes from nothing- is often everything, and what we think of- as everything, becomes nothing compared to- what comes ahead”~Maureen K. Meshenberg  Painting-By-Kelsie-Grazier It has been a few months since I have ventured onto my blog. I felt I was in a holding pattern, life happens and I respond to what I must take […]

April National Poetry Month Tiferet Poem-a-thon~

 Poetry flows through me, it is a part of me and comes when I open my soul to its beckoning. I hold a sacred space for it to flourish, to breathe and for me to respond to the pen with writing. I received an email from Tiferet Journal about their Poem-A-Thon challenge for National Poetry Month. I submitted […]

Let love be my armor

What comes to fruition, comes from a clear and open mind. Not making anything right or wrong but coming to it all with compassion. Setting boundaries often bring you to your best possibilities. I am in a place of taking time to hold what is true and dear to my heart; my well being and […]

Standing on the edge of new beginnings, my publishing journey

  “but let me not, hold back- what is poised and ready, to bring me to the brightness of who I am, to the edge of my beginnings… I step into February with the remnants of January’s beginnings flowing to the edge of me. The pause of breath that is forever, but what imprint will […]

My Book Launch Celebration~

The preparations for this day were underway. I rose to meditate and honor the day, that I am alive and well and getting ready to celebrate the launch of my book ~ Seasons of the Soul:Transitions and Shifts of Life with a celebration in my home. A funny and loving side story while I was […]

Poetry is the art of my soul My Publishing Journey

Poetry is the Art of my soul…from it comes the breath of words that flow from my heart. My greatest joy is seeing the gift that the Divine has given me, touch other’s lives as I have now seen my words that are in print reach the world. I have had readers as far as […]

What will I bring to 2015~ My Publishing Journey~

  “what brings us out, of the darkest depths- to our twilight, as it comes- constant and sure, same as that what holds- the breath of night, without hesitation- it holds us now, despite our own undoing. it rises with the rising light- within us, to our new beginnings.”   I called into the New […]

A Day in the Life of an Author~

A Day in the Life of an Author~Saturday, November 15th I was invited to recite poetry for a Charity Event for Bellissima Opera. I recited poetry from my newly released book, Seasons of the Soul: Transitions and Shifts of Life and also poetry I specifically wrote for a project I have been invited to work […]

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