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Journey of my New Moon

journey of my new moon, new spring- passing through, the equinox of change, it enters my sky- sliver of light, through my darkness- the calling of April, to new life. for the power of change, remains within- enters the passage way, of my soul’s emerging- transitioning into, the light, of new beginnings- enters into the, […]


sometimes… the door that is closed, is me- I seal the way, to path, to choice, to living, closed in my own sheltering- it prevents me, from entering- through to the other side, of me. sometimes… I am the void, that speaks of unspeakable doom- fear that is like, a weight to my feet- unable […]

love calls on us

love calls on us, love calls on us when we rise- when we breathe and open our eyes, in the shelter of- what keeps us warm, tight and closed in our homes- love calls on us. love calls on us, spills its presence upon our path- wages against the wrath, the rage that tries to- […]

I am She…Creativity

I am she, creativity- power that takes me, to my passion. Joan of Arc, holding tight- my sword of truth, I rise amongst the- weeping fields, that hold my soul- to becoming. endings now, turning into- my beginnings- awakening in me now. before the movement- of my creative way, I remained closed like- a tight […]

A Day in the Life of an Author~

A Day in the Life of an Author~ “November’s closing, comes with a morning- frosted with winter’s whisper.” I am coming to my inward rest. I also am going through the tilling of my garden. As my book has been released almost 3 weeks now, I find that the Winter of me has arrived. I […]

my autumn is falling from me now

my autumn is falling, from me now- leaves to let go, from my soul- to sky, to wind, to earth. the wind whispers- a cold song, wanting all that- once belonged, to find its flight- its breeze song, its release song, its melancholy- finding it moving, through the still- of me and my dropping it […]

I hold the light

I hold the light, that opens me- streams me to, through a portal- to my soul, bright in its radiance, it captures me- in my truth waiting, I who am held against darkness- see its piercing coming through, light that reaches, in and out- unto a world that waits, for its illumination. we who are […]

One week from today My Book Launch!

It is with great joy and anticipation that I await the date of my book launch which is one week from today, Friday, November 7. I honor all the readers who have followed my page Heart’s Calling, and to those who have supported me on my  publishing journey. There will be many exciting posts and […]

I feel the wounds of your batterfield

I feel the wounds, of your battlefield- I feel the ache, of your heart- your tears that fall, within my soul- I hold now. if you can open, your eyes and see- what waits at the door, of your desires- your passion and your fire, are wings to carry you through. above the […]

Radiant holding of the Super Moon’s Breath

September super moon, scoops up the evening sky- holding its blackness, in full glowing embrace- calls to my heart, to the movement of the- song that claims my desire, calls for the steps- to dance upon earth, with deliberate passion. I do not wait or hesitate, under her illuminating face- super moon waits upon, our […]

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