love calls on us

love calls on us, love calls on us when we rise- when we breathe and open our eyes, in the shelter of- what keeps us warm, tight and closed in our homes- love calls on us. love calls on us, spills its presence upon our path- wages against the wrath, the rage that tries to- […]

My Book Launch Celebration~

The preparations for this day were underway. I rose to meditate and honor the day, that I am alive and well and getting ready to celebrate the launch of my book ~ Seasons of the Soul:Transitions and Shifts of Life with a celebration in my home. A funny and loving side story while I was […]

in the loneliness of my resolve

in the loneliness, of my resolve- thoughts that stir, the complicated- that swells within, my mind’s ache. to wait for reasons, to avoid them- to run… I sense when they, want to push me down- in my resistance, I lean towards answers- though they may never come. let them not come, let the groundless sensation- […]

Poetry is the art of my soul My Publishing Journey

Poetry is the Art of my soul…from it comes the breath of words that flow from my heart. My greatest joy is seeing the gift that the Divine has given me, touch other’s lives as I have now seen my words that are in print reach the world. I have had readers as far as […]

New Moon in January Sliver of Light

fall beneath my sky, where the breath of night- swoons the moon, gently into sight. the cold still, melts in- your presence, as I whisper- my longing, all beholding- what lays, exposed- in my heart. darkness will not, betray you- sliver of light, return to your- winter night, I hold this time- to my soul, […]

let me rest awhile

let me rest awhile, in the spaciousness that I am- take the moments of time, gently into my breath- take the pieces it offers, with pleasant ease, what comes as my moments, allow them to trickle in- like rain drops, that sooth my heart- let the warm sky of my soul, touch blue piercing with […]

I am She…Creativity

I am she, creativity- power that takes me, to my passion. Joan of Arc, holding tight- my sword of truth, I rise amongst the- weeping fields, that hold my soul- to becoming. endings now, turning into- my beginnings- awakening in me now. before the movement- of my creative way, I remained closed like- a tight […]

let the past unravel and fall away

don’t let the pain, of the past- hold your soul hostage, giving dark memories homage- holding them, to your deep- you’re stuck in your repeat, of sorrow, oh let the grace of today, brings releasing your way- to drink from the cup of love, flowing into your tomorrows. why crave to hold on, to that […]

What will I bring to 2015~ My Publishing Journey~

  “what brings us out, of the darkest depths- to our twilight, as it comes- constant and sure, same as that what holds- the breath of night, without hesitation- it holds us now, despite our own undoing. it rises with the rising light- within us, to our new beginnings.”   I called into the New […]

our twilight rises within us

loosen the things, that hang on to us so tightly- the richness of our beings, does not come- from our outer living, what is held within- creates the space, we choose to dwell in. let the broken pieces, drift away that try- to remain, it is time for their release- like rising smoke from inside […]

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