I am Brilliant ~ Happy New Year 2015!

More than life, our minds open and close doors to our way of living. What if we allowed the sharp edges of criticism and blame to soften. What if we could blend into stillness long enough to allow the openness of our souls to free us from harsh thinking. All that is constructed, with critical […]

winter cold moon’s returning

my soul touches the, winter cold moon’s returning- light that moves, through the dark passage- of my coming, what lifts as a wind- from my heart, moving through- empty hands, raised high towards this night, what is lifted- to hold my tender she, inside of me- seeking movement, of the winter song- of the winter […]

November’s Closing

November’s closing, comes with a morning- frosted with winter’s whisper. the sun fills my soul with promise, with conscious gratitude- all that has come… though sometimes in stillness it comes. our eyes often covered, with blinders of human choice- I bring my voice, a grateful song to sing, as I come to who I am. […]

A Day in the Life of an Author~

A Day in the Life of an Author~ “November’s closing, comes with a morning- frosted with winter’s whisper.” I am coming to my inward rest. I also am going through the tilling of my garden. As my book has been released almost 3 weeks now, I find that the Winter of me has arrived. I […]

A Day in the Life of an Author~

A Day in the Life of an Author~Saturday, November 15th I was invited to recite poetry for a Charity Event for Bellissima Opera. I recited poetry from my newly released book, Seasons of the Soul: Transitions and Shifts of Life and also poetry I specifically wrote for a project I have been invited to work […]

let it all dissolve

let it all dissolve, what comes- what wants name, what is my fear- I can see through it, to the other side- where the light, is gleaming through, its frozen dark. I can sense it, but I breathe through, it essence, I catch a glimpse, of taking difficult- watching it become, even and emptied- it […]

A week after the Book Launch ~ My publishing journey~

My time has come, I come to….womb to birth, heart to love, soul to light, mind to wisdom. The morning of the launch was a whirlwind of posts, congratulations, praises and exhilaration! My time has come, the vision of my words coming to print burst into life. I was ecstatic to see the response of […]

my autumn is falling from me now

my autumn is falling, from me now- leaves to let go, from my soul- to sky, to wind, to earth. the wind whispers- a cold song, wanting all that- once belonged, to find its flight- its breeze song, its release song, its melancholy- finding it moving, through the still- of me and my dropping it […]

I hold the light

I hold the light, that opens me- streams me to, through a portal- to my soul, bright in its radiance, it captures me- in my truth waiting, I who am held against darkness- see its piercing coming through, light that reaches, in and out- unto a world that waits, for its illumination. we who are […]

I hold the Breath of the November moon

I hold the breath, of your November chill- your silent still- beaming upon, my dark way- you hold the sky, to the light- of life being, I return with hands- open and holding, what needs to be lifted- what I give, to let fall away and be. in your gentle returning, oh full moon you […]

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